Bug in my wallet or in Blockchain?

I recently discovered this bug on my exodus wallet. I’ve never done this, which has no outputs. What happened? How to get my coins back?


Please contact the wallet provider.

My wallet provider is EXODUS (the link is GUARDA, but I don’t use them). I have already contacted EXODUS and hopefully resolve. For my part there was no “human error” also because we are talking about fees at ZEC 2.01 and on ZEC the fees are not customizable.

Total BS that fee’s story is. “on ZEC the fees are not customizable” made me lmao.
As long as the mempool is almost empty and miners not under constraint to chose: you can do what you want with fees, take a look on a transaction with 0.00000001 fees:
nowadays only 1 zcash explorer knows read correctly the fees: https://explorer.zcashfr.io/insight/tx/aa61610f4c361105b60e97598a8ec4342f1fe086fe264ec1a2bbbac3ea5f43ff

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I do agree with @Proof_Of_Tartiflette, the issue is the way that zecbook.guarda.co reports the transaction.
As suggested, you can use https://explorer.zcashfr.io for more reliability.

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Although most Zcash blockchain explorers don’t report fee data correctly, ZcashFR and ZECmate have high-quality data.

And yea @Proof_Of_Tartiflette there is rampant fee customization (which is a pretty big fingerprinting/linkability risk within the shielded pools). The red dots on the bottom of the plot below are about 2000 z2z transaction that paid no fees. ;- )