Building a new rig... advise please

I was thinking to buy some rx 480’s but then come across this beauty amd s9150 AMD 100-505884 FirePro S9150 - 16 GB GDDR5 - PCIe 3.0 - Full-length/Full-height - Dual Slot | SabrePC

Has anyones used these graphics cards yet? Would you advise buying 1? 16gb gddr5 how many sol/s do you think i can achieve with this?

old HD 7950 could be had for $100-110 (they used to be $85-95 a couple of weeks ago, LOL)
they are great at ZEC

So no point in buying something so expensive right?

except, they will have little resell value while 470-480 will have more.

The cards hash similar too?

I mean the rx 480 vs 7950?

i would not even starting now.
wait a couple of weeks and see where the price and difficulty is.
Many factors to consider.
Best deal was for those who already had rigs with old GPus that were payed over already.
New 6 Rx 470 GPU rig would cost at least $1400, but you can sell GPUs later.
6 HD 7950 will cost about $800, but you might get only $400 (or even lower) or so later when you try to sell 7950ies.

HD 7970 which I got for 100$ 2nd hand hashes at 50-52 H/s on claymore V2, It’s a best buy option I think for ZEC, check out the screenshot at the bottom of the post > (SOLD) A Modest Proposal - Auctioning 80+ Sols/s of dirt-cheap ZEC power! ~ under 1 minute till end! Get ~ 88 Hashes at a price for 80! - #27 by zcashoinadaily

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