Is Nvidia better than amd for mining zcash?

from googleing a bit it seems like the AMD 470 has about 30-40 sol/s and where i live it cost’s 231$
My 1080 gets 450 sol/s with EWBF’s miner. The 1080 costs 729$ to get the same sol/s with the 470 i will need to buy 13 470’s with a total price of 3003$ This doesn’t make any sense. I have always heard that amd cards are WAY better than nvidia. When it comes to mining. Am i getting something wrong or forgetting something? Very new to mining.

RX 470 gives 200-230 sols, So figure out yourself

says about 20-35 sol’s here.

LOL… that’s outdated. 480=240sol/s 470=220sol/s r9 fury=335sol/s


Ok thanks! Why has the sol/s increased to much? has it become easier to mine or are there just more optimized miners out there? So would the amd 470 be the best sol/s for the money atm?

Developers for Mining software are figuring how to make it more efficient and better, with each progressive iteration, it is becoming more and more efficient.

Look at the progression of Claymore miner for example, but yeah, like everyone said, Mining software has come a long way in the past few months, thanks to Developers working hard to effectively utilize the hardware and figure out the algorithm of the crypto currency.

Nvidia cards are getting much better rates per watt now
higher initial investment, but lower energy bill as you run them
so you have to decide on if electricity cost is important to you.

2x470 will get you about what a gtx1080 does now.

1070s are the best card for performance per watt I believe.
titan x is getting almost 600 H/s

rx490 could change this though will need to wait and see


I’ts near 230, but some reports tell about 210 Sol/s.

I think you can consider that with 2 cards you will spend more energy.

My RX 470 at stock gets about 210 sol/s. My 980Ti gets about 375.

I am looking into investing in a mining rig as a hobby. I can get some pretty sweet prices on used 7970,280x,290,380 etc… Are these viable?

It depends on your electricity costs. 300 series cards are still profitable to mine with average electricity costs. 200 series cards use a bit more power typically, the 290X even more. If you have less then 10 cents per kilowatt electricity these will be profitable. Anything older then that and it really won’t be worth it.

I live in an apartment where electricity costs is included with the rent. Doesn’t matter how much or litte i use the price will always stay the same. So electricity costs are not a factor at all.

Ok cool then you’ll make money with pretty much any card you get. You should be able to find the hashrate of most cards online and plug them into a calculator to get a rough estimate as to how much you’ll make. Make sure it’s a recent number as hashrates are always going up due to advancements in the mining programs. I can tell you that a RX 470 gets around 210 at stock as I have multiple.

Which miner is best for Nvidia GPU’s? I have only used Claymore’s miner being all my GPU’s are AMD. Does the Nvidia miner compare to Claymore speeds?

Thanks! Would you recommend the 470? The cheapest 470 i can get in Norway is 231$ but i can get a used R9 NANO for the same price. I can also get a 7970 for 115$

go for NANOs at these prices, I guess.
@dlehenky says in Optiminer thread that he gets 333H/s on Nano with Optiminer 1.2 (on Ubuntu Linux 16.04), that’s a lot more than 210 on RX 470.

EWBF miner is best for nviida

Yeah get the Nano as it’s about 50% faster then a 470. It will use more power but you said you don’t pay for it so it dosent matter. I use NiceHash for my two Nvidia cards, I’ll have to try out that miner.

If I could get used Nanos for $231, I’d be snapping them up. May I ask where you found them at that price? Take care!

If you’re looking for Radeon, I know a reseller with an overstock discount a couple different models right now. Pretty sure Fury’s on the menu. Let me know if you’d like his contact info.