Building my First Rig - Setup Checklist

Hi there!

I'm glad to have found this forum, and I hope you will also be able to help me out with some advice for my First build.
My planned rig is as follows:
6-8 RX 480's
ASRock H81
Intel G1840
1x 1000W PSU
1x 750W PSU
8GB Ram
250gb ssd
So far my Questions are as follows, what risers should I use? Powered or Unpowered. And is there a guide how to let both PSU's start simultaneously?
Also what other cables would I need to buy in order to get everything working correctly? I am a total noob and have never built a pc or a rig before!

Thank you for you're time and I look forward to hopefully getting an answer to my Questions!

Best Regards

Better use powered risers just in case, even though undervolted rx480s aren't power hungry. Therr are two methods for connecting the PSUs, gheto method is to short the green and black wire on second PSU so it would turn on as soon as there is power or buy a cable for that, to be honest i fotgot what's it called.

Thanks for you're reply!
I'd rather buy it, but i don't know what to search for either...
Would you be able to advise me some Powered Risers for 6x rx480's red devil 8gb's?
And can the Motherboard also handle it if i were to add another 2 Cards or would another one be more adviseable?

You need something like that, pick up any riser cables you can find, they arent the problem, but molex to sata cables are usually the problem. Watch this video about molex to sata cables.

To be honest, I don't know if that motherboard can handle more than 6 gpus, some z170 or z270 can via the m.2 slots.