Burned out EVGA GTX 1070 SC

First obviously failed GPU. Smelled burning electrical smell, found 1 of 7 GPUs not working. See pic of burned spot on back of card. Anybody else had this happen? I’ve got 24 cards mining and I’ve not had this happen yet until now.

What were your TDP/Clock settings?

What sort of temps were you getting to? This is quite concerning as I also have 24x 1070s!

Standard settings for these cards. +0/+450 at 85% power at the time of failure running DSTM. Used EWBF for months before that at +60/+630 at 85% power. For a month or so when I first got it I pushed it to 100%. The EVGA tech claimed this was a rare occurrence so maybe just bad luck with this one

You still havn’t told us the temps!

All my cards run at less than 60C, typically 55-58C. I run onboard fans at around 40% with a box fan on high on each rig.

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