Experienced miners , how have your cards held up

I run my various cards typically at clock+200/mem+500 , power 75-85% and the temps are 60-65c ( depending on card ).

I know that some prefer lower values for all the above categories.

Have any of you experienced miners run at similar settings to mine 24/7 for, say 6-9 months, and were the cards fine ?

Looking to hear from someone whose done this for a long time and how it has impacted the cards.

Thanks in advance.

My 6 1070s and 8 1080 ti’s have been running 24/7 udervolted and OCed since june of 2017… they still are going strong and soon will be worked into my farm of 80 1080 ti’s that’s currently in the process of being built… i try to keep all cards at 65 degrees C or lower in a temperature controlled room of my basement… all my stuff runs off 240 volts and are attached to cyberpower monitored PDU’s… as long as you keep your cards cool… make sure they’re not full of dust and not pushed to the absolute limit they will last you…

Your numbers are perfect, I wouldn’t worry about lowering temperatures any further. Most cards are perfectly fine up to around 85 degrees C, but people are paranoid.

I have several Ethereum mining rigs that have been running non-stop since mid 2016 with zero failures. Each rig consists of 6 bios modded RX 480’s with 100% power limit and memory overclocked as high as each card can handle. Temperatures vary a lot by season, but the cards average around 55-65 degrees C. The only piece of equipment that ever needed replacing was a bad power bar.

Depending on your location you might want to invest in an electronic duster. Cans of compressed air are ridiculously expensive and don’t work nearly as well. You should make sure to dust off your cards at least once a month to prevent any major buildup.

Have you reach ROI on your initial investment of cards?

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I run 5 used Radeon Sky 700 1050 Watts plus 0% power, about 85% memory overclock and about 75% core overclock, open air case 13 additional cooling fans and the only reason theyve ever stopped is to be put into set case and cleaning 290 h/s each, super happy
The ROI at the fair market value of zcash across the time span was about 120 days

my first cards yes the farm no because since everything keeps getting pushed back and back and back due to everything being back ordered everywhere im still waiting on cards,power supplies & motherboards my orders for all of those have been pushed back twice now…

Most cards are perfectly fine up to around 85 degrees C, but people are paranoid.

Cards that run hotter will show decreased Sol/s over time. It’s not paranoia, it’s a fact. I won’t run my non-water cooled gpus higher than 70.

@root That’s taking what I said completely out of context. The OP is asking if cards will become damaged after mining 24/7 for a period of months or years, to which I answered no. The fact is most cards are perfectly safe up to 85 degrees Celsius, at which point they may thermal throttle, but will not become damaged. Performance was not mentioned in the OP’s question, nor was it mentioned in my answer.

my rig is on my loggia and right now I have -6°C

I don’t know if this is the case either. I think you can have cards go bad by keeping them at 85 C 24/7. They will decrease in Sol/s over time but also will not last as long. This is card-dependent of course, but generally holds true across the line. It is possible that you could get a card that will run for many years at 85 C, but for larger systems with many GPUs there will be some that fail earlier.

If you use an open air rig. I don’t see how someone is hitting 85c. That is horrible stats and horribly inefficient. That must be bad cards that are overclock, max power++ and over voltage. If you are running at 80c+ with high voltage, expect those cards to have problems pretty quickly. How quickly depends on a lot of things. Manufacturer, thermal paste, and the ultimate card killer: the fan bearings or blades breaking and the card not kicking off. Keep the cards under 70c and the heat sink and fans free if dust and they should last years

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