EVGA GTX 1060 6gb EWBF performance issues

So I am running into a strange issue with one of my EVGA 1060 6gb’s.

Running EWBF v0.3.4b
GPU’s 1 GTX 1080, 1 1070 TI, 3 1060 6GB

So I noticed one of my GTX 1060’s running a bit hotter than my other’s and also getting a bit lower sol/s. After about 24 hours of stable mining I started to get error 74’s in EWBF on all GPU’s followed by error 46 failed to restart. Not having any idea what could be causing this I unplugged the suspicious 1060 and didn’t see a single error 74 for 48 hours of mining.

So fast forward a few days, I decided to lower the power limit to 60% on this card and it seems to be running stable for now. I have applied for the EVGA trade up program for this 1060 as it is brand new and I would rather have 1070 ti’s anyways.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with the gtx 1060’s before? Is it safe to run at 60% until I can get it traded up?

P.S. I have ordered a couple extra riser’s and plan to see if possibly its a riser causing the issues and not the card itself.

Thanks in advance

Running 3 1060’s on a CX650M bronze and the rest of the machine on a EVGA 850BQ bronze.

Since you are reducing the power, I take it you are overclocking the core and memory? I’m going to say yes, error 46 is usually due to excessive clocking.

All GPU’s are not made identical. You can leave the TDP where you have it or put it with the others and back off your core and memory o/c by 10 and 15 respectively as a start.