Poseidon Water Cooled Prototype | Mining Rig Setup 48x GTX 1070

So we are just getting started and working out of my apartment for now. Did not expect to find a 200A panel when I opened the breaker, so that’s good. However, with summer heat soon to be here, we decided to investigate ways to deal with the heat issue.

Here is a short video that shows our setup. We can probably get 12-14 rigs and still be able to use the AC and stove at the same time. Phase 2 starts soon with our first warehouse.


Looks like you have tested out a few different GPU models there. Which ended up being the best?

EVGA / MSI are strong. Ironically, the Founders Edition Gigabyte cards are also strong - I was surprised there. PNY cards are power efficient. I’d say the least strong out of the group has been Zotac, but they were stock cards I got for cheap so no worries.