Buy Web Hosting Services / VPS / Dedicated Servers using over 30 cryptocurrencies

Times are changing in this internet ultra connected world, where everybody wants everything and wants it now.

Wire transfer and card payment, once regarded as innovative and reliable payment methods, are now slow and take up days to complete, and there is always the risk of fraud or identity theft.

We, at BelCloud Hosting Corporation, are a big fan of cryptocurrencies and we have been behind this movement from the start.

With instant, secure, anonymous and permanent transfers, they represent next-generation payments and maybe the currencies of the future.

Because we want cryptocurrencies to grow and become a bigger part of what people use on the internet to make payments, we are now accepting 30 new cryptocurrencies on all our websites.

You can now use BTC, XRP, ETH and many more, directly to purchase dedicated and hybrid servers, shared web hosting and VPS.

Host.AG - Dedicated Servers and Complex Hosting Solutions - VPS and Containers starting at 2 EURO per month - Unlimited Web Hosting Solutions at 12 EURO per year.

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BelCloud Hosting Corporation