Mining on VPS hosts (Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr)

I just ran some tests on some VPS services at Linode, Vultr and Digital Ocean. Running 4 CPU servers at each and running Tromp’s solvers on rc2 using the 4 CPUs package at each I got the following: Vultr: 3.83 Sol/s, Linode: 3.14 Sol/s, Digital Ocean: 3.17 (each completed a minimum of 10,000 Equihash solver runs).

These servers cost $40, $40 and $80 a month respectively. Taking the best case of Vultr $40 a month for 3.83 Sol/s that’s 0.1925 BTC per year for 1 H/s whereas cloud mining is currently cheaper (e.g. Zeropond at 0.156 BTC and GM cheaper at 0.0742 BTC albeit sold out). There will be optimizations to the miner but I imagine that will apply to both the native miner as well as the cloud offerings so long story short if you are thinking of mining on one of these cheap VPS providers it is likely not worth it (I believe it also may violate their T&C for excessive CPU use).

EC2 benchmarks would be interesting particularly GPU instances using Zogminer Miner- Zogminer: Linux SILENTARMY - #237 by somebody


From another thread @nobody

Amazon EC2 spot instance:
$0.10 - 0.11 per hour
16 Sol/s - 8 threads

That works out at 0.084 BTC for 1H/s for a year (assuming a $0.10 rate)

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Much cheaper than cloud mining, but still expensive.

It isn’t is it? I get it’s more expensive than Genesis Mining (see numbers above). Please correct if I made a mistake!

You’re right.

Genesis is $2600/yr for 60 H/s Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining Contracts | Genesis Mining

So thats $43.33 for 1 H/s or approx. 0.0659 BTC

Perhaps not. I’m still confused about H/s vs Sol/s even after reading some of Tromp’s posts. Maybe someone has a simple explanation for me :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t be the only one! I think it’s pretty much been settled now that H/s == Sol/s

Ok good to know. Now I can follow all these mining discussions much better! Thanks!!

Is there a reason a xeon has about 100x the hashrate of a similar dual core with similar ram?

How to get this information?

You guys are doing it wrong.

You basically need to build your own GPU miner rig. The computer parts are all resellable and you can run up to 7 GPUs in a single motherboard.

A CPU will never beat a GPU

It beats a GPU if you can grab a whole setup for less than $100 on craigslist… And, as far as I’m concerned GPU mining is a myth at the moment. The hashrate of the testnet is only 500. If they have the capability, let’s see it spike into the tens of thousands for a few minutes.

All mining these days are either done with GPUs or ASICs. Nobody mines with CPUs anymore.

All Cloud miners use GPUs and there is a GPU miner in development currently.

i have 0.546 H/s (1.06 Sol/s) for less then 1 USD/m = 11.5 USD/y
0.6 H/s in Genesis-mining cost 29 USD/y so i have still 50% cheeper service :slight_smile:

I think for this calcs CPU mining is still more profitable if you have good server providers.

At these numbers, the extra work required to run 100s of nodes, and the obvious risk of getting shut down by the provider I still think that GPU mining/cloud mining has the advantage.

Yup exactly that was my conclusion i.e. VPS vs. cloud mining then cloud mining is the likely winner (you do have a longer commitment with them though).

The comparison to home mining is difficult as everyone has a different cost of hardware, electricity and level of expertise which is why I specifically compared VPS solutions.

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Agreed. I would probably argue that the long term winner will still be GPU mining at some form of scale as a private individual. No doubt GPU mining software will be optimized to some form of equilibrium fairly shortly and I can’t see CPU keeping up with GPU for very long.

I agree, it seems like the cheapest way to get hashing power right now. Does anyone know of a good GPU mining rig guide for Zcash? I’m not sure how to go about doing that

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