Would anyone be interested in renting out my GPUs (ESCROW)

Due to the incredible demand for the zeropond cloud mining.

We however are still waiting for a public GPU miner so hopefully one is open sourced first before we can even begin this.

Zeropond (and perhaps a few others) rolled their own GPU miner. Everyone else has fingers crossed that the open source miner contest bears fruit. Do you have your own GPU miner to pair with your hardware?

I’m considering doing the same.

I’m in-between on whether to instead, for the first 4-6 weeks, pour as much money as possible into renting from others or a pool… I think think the first month, the coin is going to see crazy highs due to hype, DNM rumors/news, etc.

(Grammar check, ‘to instead, xxx, pour’ or ‘instead, xxx, to pour’)

No I don’t have my own personal GPU miner, I am not a programmer.

However nobody knows what speeds GPUs will deliver with the miner, hence you are speculating by renting out the rig ahead of time.

If a single GPU can do 25h/s then you got a great deal, if it only does 2h/s then not so good.

Zeropond currently charges almost 5 BTC/month for 25h/s. Nobody knows how many GPUs they are using to get that 25h/s. Since they keep that private.

They seem to be roughly getting 10 “CPUs” (0.1H/s) worth per GPU, as far as I have read, so around 1H/s per GPU

Don’t think DNM will ever adopt ZEC. Simply because the setup. Monero is better suited for them.
My hope is that ZEC will fill the privacy gap for ETH where needed.

@jonas what “setup” can you give details (compare interest of altcoins for DNM?) thanks!

Corp operated coin
Trusted setup where the blockchain can be decrypted
Also in XMR privacy is mandatory vs Zcash where it’s optional


I think ZEC may have a great future but I don’t think it will be DNM adopted like BTC and now XMR.
What makes ZEC so interesting is the cryptography but it comes with it’s drawbacks.

Just speculations of course.

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Interesting article, thanks! I’d like to see a pro-zcash address some of the concerns raised here

Without a publicly available GPU mining software renting out your rigs won’t work. No closed projects will let their software live outside their DMZ.

I;d be interested provided the previous, obviously a need for a gpu miner would need to be verified and implemented prior to determining pricing. Please keep me updated

Sorry but I must ask, what does DNM mean?

I had to go back and double check myself, it was in the quote from the previous post. Honestly I am at a loss to, fairly new to all of this.

I suppose this Darknet market - Wikipedia

none left sorry… about that

and what are your rates? what are the remote access capabilities? any compensation for downtime? you need to be more specific about your offer.

Best to discuss by PM.