Buy zcash to help it's future

I’m wondering where one can purchase zcash to help the value of the currency go up.

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Ask Nvidia and AMD :slight_smile:
They should protection the market value as it is related to their card selling :slight_smile:

thats what I was thinking, GPU companies should be spending a % of their profits on crypto to help boost the market and to give back to those buying their GPUs

btw, willis you did get a reply from me a couple days ago right? is there another email pending a reply?

Yes, Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

More than that, I think they must be mining too :smile:, it won’t be wise not to do it.

What about buy zcash at a lower price and resell them hopefully soon at higher price :slight_smile:

yea but if everybody would do that then we could have a big problem

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well I kind of agree, but I think first htey should make sure that demand is filled before they start to use hte GPU to mine themselves.

These companies should put their customers first and themselves second. Like I try to do.

Yeah of course I’m 100% with you on that, maybe they didn’t found the best way to handle the returns yet lol

#Cryptomined We did speak a couple days ago. All is good. I just bought 2 gtx 1080’s off Amazon.
To go with the combo I got from you. Bought a 10pack of risers off eBay. They are still somewhere in China.

ok cool thanks,
ebay sucks

Sorry, not sorry, never happening.

Yes eBay sucks. I should’ve gotten them from you that way I would only be waiting on one order. I also noticed on the items that you have on your site that i looked at had no reviews. But I’ve seen people on here saying they received their order. Everyone dealing with crypto currency should know that feedback goes along way.

I ordered a 7pack and its about the same slow delivery

I always deliver. I never steal. I am honest. Everyone gets their goods + freebies.

Just got too busy these days so some days im slow to get to PM’s or emails, sometimes slow to update orders as shipped and enter tracking but thats cause my wife and I are like 2 decapitated chickens running around trying to do it all ourselves.

We can’t hire help as help here can’t be trusted, unless its family… so on large shipping days her parents come to help us pack and ship.

Otherwise this forum is a good place to reach me by PM if you have any questions or need an update - but again I can be slow to answer here too so please just be patient and I will make sure everyone is happy.

My customers and friends are first, I’m second.


this caused me to buy shares of AMD… first time i’ve bought equity in a corporation! also, agree with you; would be very smart for them to promote ASIC hostile currencies!


how much are the risers and where