Get ready for the big CRASH!

here comes the next big crypto market crash

that’s what she said


Post’s like this…


Even tho it hurts its the truth clearly

And now comes the big rebound!

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i guess it’s true

bitconnnneeect effect

And now back down down down it goes

Everything is going down except Zcash today!!!

Should I get into mining? I mean I have a 1080 as my multi purpose GPU but is this a good time to build a mining rig? I hope zCash value comes back up.

Have you looked at the price of GPUs at the moment? Take a look and see if building a mining rig is the route to take at this time.

-ignoring the pricing(just the price of the currency) because I can wait.

So…you want to ignore the only thing that specifically tells you whether it’s worth it to invest in GPUs right now?

Why are you asking then? If you’re not willing to look at things in perspective, there’s no point in bothering with any of it. It’s like asking “Should I go outside?” “No, it’s a blizzard out there” “No I know, but if there wasn’t a blizzard, should I go outside?” Completely irrelevant as the blizzard is there and can’t be ignored. Same with GPU pricing. It can’t be ignored and for the time being, those prices are here to stay. No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

Lol dude… Just so you know I have a friend who owns a PC shop and I can get GPUs at $150 above MSRP.

Good for you. Just so you know, it doesn’t change anything I’ve said. You’ve clearly already decided what you want to do, I’m not sure why you feel the need to get our permission or validation to do it.

I was just asking if it was a good idea because zCash is in a bad place right now, I just wanted to know if it was really worth it(lol Austin Evans)