Buying and selling ZEC

I recently installed ZECwalletlite though have never bought or sold crypto. How do I buy or sell ZEC using my ZECwalletlet, which has no support?

ZecWallet lite is only a wallet, just like a wallet in your pocket, it doesn’t automatically come with money in it.

If you want Zcash you will need to purchase some at an exchange or have someone send you some for a good or service, just like regular money.

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Zecwallet lite doesn’t incorporate an exchange amd like Shawn said it’s only for storage like your billfold (like my dad used to call it). Some wallets do incorporate exchanges but I’ve never personally used them like that, only just as wallets.

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Thanks to Shawn and Tunafish. I didn’t make myself clear. What’s the best way for a beginner (US resident) to buy and sell ZCSA, e.g., what exchanges do you guys recommend?


Since you said that you are new to crypto, then presumably you are going from USD to ZEC and therefore need an exchange with a good fiat onramp. I recommend Coinbase or Gemini.

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@thresher111 welcome to the Zcash Community :black_heart:
It was the right choice. The expertise of @Shawn @Autotunafish @hloo @tokidoki on Zcash-related matters is beyond question. They are Crypto professionals.
On a personal note, you are moving in the right direction, good luck!