How to trade ZEC from local stored wallet into EUR?

Hi all,
new into Crypto mining. I’ve got a Dual Xeon E5520 2.27Ghz Unbuntu mining Zcash by following these instructions : How to Mine ZCash on Linux - Make Tech Easier
The wallet-file is stored on the server and I’ve got a wallet address. But how to exchange the ZEC from my wallet into EUR?
Any help would be nice.

Thanks, Roel

You’d probably have to link a bank account to withdraw from a VASP exchange like Gemini and the like or if you knew someone willing to buy you could just sell it to them p2p by some agreed upon method like cash or digitally with paypal or something.

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But how to send ZEC in my local stored wallet to an exchange ?
I need to transfer them to a Zecwallet-lite first? If so, how? Or how does that work?

You would make a transaction that sends your funds out, are you using the zcashd full node as the wallet?

I’d say yes. I’ve got a wallet file and address string

Ok, you’ll open a new terminal and navigate to the zcash directory and run the zcash-cli rpc command “z_sendmany”, some examples

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OK, so that’s how I transfer from local stored wallet address to i.e. Zecwallet-lite address or similar. Correct?

Yep, to another wallet or an exchange or equivalent

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Exodus wallet also supports Zcash and allows you to trade with other supported crypto within the wallet.