Call for NU3 ZIPs and Network Upgrade Pipeline Process Changes


As part of the whirlwind of Blossom goal selection, The Electric Coin Company learned some valuable lessons: we didn’t define Blossom goals early enough, with enough specificity, and with enough time for feedback. In addition, the timeline didn’t accurately reflect ongoing work the Company is doing on R&D. Fortunately, we were already working with The Zcash Foundation on some improvements to the Network Upgrade Process, which are intended to help communicate earlier and more clearly. The changes are also intended to provide a way for the broader Zcash ecosystem and the Company to collaborate when the Company is choosing and implementing new features of our zcashd software (and hopefully soon when others are doing so in their own independent implementations like this one!).

NU3 Process Changes

  1. Represent that December is not a full working month: During the Blossom upgrade we had significant issues hitting deadlines around the December holiday season. As a result, we’ve lengthened deadlines around December to reflect reduced work capacity around the holidays. In order to reflect this change in a visually clear way, we’re representing the two network upgrades separately in the timeline diagram.
  2. Indicate a more accurate timeline for R&D: In the original Network Upgrade Pipeline (NUP) diagram, we indicated that R&D started at least two months before feature selection, but visually it appeared on the diagram as if we only began R&D two months before feature selection. In actuality, the Company is constantly working on research for network upgrades and some of that research can take more than a year to bear out features that are ready for inclusion in NUP. To show that, we’ve visualized on the diagram that R&D is occurring all the time and can branch into the specification and coding phase as the R&D work is ready.
  3. The Company will ensure we regularly keep the community in the loop on items we are researching and items we are encouraging the community to help with: In order to keep the community up-to-date on what we are working on and what work we’d like help from the community on, the Company will regularly announce network upgrade-related research currently in progress. We would love your help and feedback on any of these items!
  4. All features to be considered for inclusion in a Network Upgrade must have an associated Draft-ZIP: Starting in Network Upgrade 3, all goals that are under consideration for the next Network Upgrade must be documented in at least a Draft-ZIP. This will help everyone understand what is under consideration and what is not, as well as some of the technical details that the Company needs to understand in order to select among wishlist items and to start figuring out how they would interact. The new ZIP format contains a field, named the “Champion”, or Sponsor field, which lets everyone know who is responsible for writing the Full-ZIP, if still in draft form, shepherding discussions in the appropriate forums, and attempting to build community consensus around the idea. The Champion field lets everyone know whether the Company, or someone else, or nobody is prepared to do this work at the time of feature consideration.
  5. Network upgrade Draft-ZIPs must be complete two months before feature selection: We received a great deal of feedback indicating that the community did not get a sufficient chance to respond to the proposed goals for Blossom, and that some requirements were added too late to be properly considered. The Company is now asking that ZIPs for all network upgrade changes are at least in draft form two months before feature selection; for NU3 this is the end of March 2019. This will give the Company that time to decide which of the ZIPs we can commit to implementing (possibly with help from the broader community!) during this network upgrade. This will also give the community a chance to provide feedback on the ZIPs up for consideration. ZIPs which aren’t ready to be submitted as a draft by the deadline can instead go into the next NUP, which starts six months later.
  6. Update to network upgrade documentation regarding decisions: During the NU2/Blossom; feature selection process, it was unclear both to people inside the Company and the general community who would make the final decisions on network upgrade goals. As a result, we updated the NUP diagram to clarify that the Electric Coin Company ultimately decides what is included in the Company-supported client, zcashd.

Updates to the NUP are available here.

Action Items for You

Thanks for reading to the end of this post! We would like to see your Draft-ZIP submissions for future network upgrades and the Foundation and the Company will spend time reviewing and responding to those ZIPs. Please check out the proposed changes to the ZIP process from the Foundation and volunteer to write a ZIP for any goals you think should be included in NU3, the next network upgrade after Blossom. In addition, please look over the updated NUP to understand the changes we’ve made to address issues with the Blossom process so far. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Request for NU3 Draft ZIP Feedback
The New ZIP Process and Zcash Governance
February 22, 2019 - Weekly Update (Community + Comms)
March 29, 2019 - Weekly update (Engineering)
March, 15, 2019 - Weekly update (Engineering)
The New ZIP Process and Zcash Governance
  • Deadline is March 31!
  • Draft-ZIPs do not have to be complete specifications. Just write your proposal in Draft-ZIP format and we’ll iterate on it.
  • Contributions welcome from non-Electric Coin Company!

Where does this leave all of the other things that were being talked about and the zips that were decided on?


@Autotunafish We’ve selected the two ZIPs that will be included in Blossom, and, but we are very early in conversations about what should be in NU3, so there’s nothing to report yet. We have a very unrefined wishlist for NU3 items in github here:✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A"NU3+wishlist"+, but we still need to spend some time over the next few weeks grooming it. You’ll notice that items that got pushed from Blossom got added to this list for now. Please feel free to provide feedback in the GitHub tickets as we refine this list, or submit new ZIPs for consideration!

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Looks like smart changes good stuff.


Hey folks, I talked to Cin on the phone yesterday and asked what’s the minimal requirements for a Draft-ZIP. He said go here and make a document that has the Preamble, Abstract, and Motivation sections and then submit it!


I don’t have a specific feature request but is it possible to query others that are building stuff for Zcash to see if there are any small things that could be added to this release?

I’m thinking of BOLT by @jakinyele and the XCAT project by @jasondavies ? Or even the Anypay team building Point of Sale systems?


The deadline for draft ZIPs is in a few days: March 31st!

Request for community comments on current Draft ZIPs