Roosevelt Gordones for ZCG (December 2023)

Greetings, Global Zcash Community.

It is with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for a position on the Zcash Community Grants Committee. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been an active member of the Zcash community for 2 years now, performing some of the following roles:

  • Moderator of the Zcash en Español community, both in Telegram and Discord.
  • Co-creator of the Zcash en Español website,
  • Cohost of Zcast, the Spanish Zcash podcast.
  • ZecHub DAO Member.

In addition to this, in my country, Venezuela, I have organized training activities about Zcash, Free2Z, wallets and exchanges, to collaborate with the adoption of Zcash, among them La Ruta Zcash, a 7-week training activity where learning about Zcash from the basics to adoption in small and medium businesses is addressed.

I am an enthusiast of the cypherpunk philosophy, and the privacy, dignity and freedom of people. Living in Venezuela, I know very well how important and necessary it is to promote and educate more about the use and adoption of technologies such as Zcash.

Although we are in a bear market, I think that the worst is over, and despite the fact that in the world there is currently a great expectation around cryptocurrencies due to the position of the SEC in the United States, I am optimistic and I am convinced that we have challenging years ahead and a lot of growth in Zcash.

Why was I encouraged to run and I believe I will bring great value to the Committee?

If elected, I will be the only member of Latin origin, and living in Latin America. I am very familiar with the dynamics and needs of the region in terms of crypto adoption and training, and that will bring a different vision to the decisions that will be taken during this administration. Multiculturalism brings immense benefits to Zcash.

Some developments within Zcash that I would like to see and want to support in this 2024:

  • A better balance between community and technological (or technical) proposals that are approved, as stated in ZIP 1014.
  • Greater decentralization within Zcash. Progress has been made, but we can continue to do more!
  • Further growth of Zcash adoption in Latin America, in addition to Brazil and Venezuela.
  • Prepare for halving and the decisions this will cause us to make within the Zcash ecosystem.
  • That Zcash is seen more as an everyday currency and not so much as a niche project, for a few.

I am totally convinced that as we drive more education and outreach about Zcash, the much desired mass adoption will increase.

As we saw at Zcon4: The future is unwritten, let’s go for a 2024 growth in Zcash adoption!

Thank you for your support.

Roosevelt Gordones


I currently use all Zcash wallets: YWallet, Zingo! and Nighthawk. Also Unstoppable and Edge.

I am not a maximalist of Zcash or any other crypto. From the little I have read, I think Ycash is a good project, an alternative.