Can anyone help a mining newb?

Hello there.

Admittedly, I’m new to those whole stuff and I want to kinda try it out. I’ve had some success with my 1080GTX (6-7 USD per day), but that’s my regular rig. I’m now thinking about building a proper mining rig.

Thing is, nobody knows whether the whole stuff goes south, so I can only hope I’ll at least make it to ROI.

What I’m thinking about is either 4x 1080GTX (msi) or 3x 1080Ti (Aurus). Other cards are either sold out in my country, or ridiculously expensive.

1500 PLN for used RX480
1700-1800 PLN for used RX580
2100-2300 PLN for new 1080GTX
2900 PLN for new 1080Ti.

With these prices, I think it’s safest to go for the top cards, right? Their resale value is still pretty high, even if the whole mining stuff goes down in flames in a couple months, there’s no problem with 1080/1080ti availability so I expect to lose no more than 500 PLN per card even if forced to sell them INSTANTLY.

Which would you suggest, personally?

I’m too newb to do advanced stuff & I want to stick to nicehash, that means no bios modifications, no software modifcations and sticking to idiotproof solutions.

Wish I could help, I’m in similar shoes. Been using BOINC and started mining Gridcoin for fun. Now I want to invest into a rig but it feels difficult to jump into, especially with all the cards being sold out.