Looking to invest up to $4k in mining TODAY!

I wish I could find someone who placed an order for a new rig setup or two in this price range. A few people in real life want me to get a prototype up for mining. I am looking at a 6x1070 build or someone suggested getting two 6x1060 builds instead. Anyone have any advice on how to build a rig in the face of recent demand? I am willing to wait a week or so I guess, but ideally everything would be available quick ship through Prime or something. Thanks for all and any advice. I will be avidly researching trying to figure this out on my own as I have been for 3 days but I’m sure someone else already knows the answer.

It’s not going to happen. Don’t expect to get reasonably priced cards for anther 2-3 months. And don’t buy into the hype, just because ROI is 3 months right now doesn’t mean it will always be. People have mined at a loss before and it can happen again. You will be making half what calculators say now in 4 months. So don’t go nuts over it. However I would suggest looking into Burst coin mining as an alternative.

Thanks for the info. I found some parts. Can I PM you? I’m looking at a 12x 1060 setup for $4300. I don’t care about the RoI because I will mine until the hardware dies or sell the hardware locally as a built rig with markup.

EVGA currently has GTX 1080 for $445 after shipping. I bought a few 1070 but now i’m buying 1080 because of the price/performance.