Starter mining rig

I am all new to this, I want to build my own mining rig for mining Zcash. Could you please give me suggestions for what to buy at an affordable price ( I’m not going to spend 1000s of dollars on this)
I am only doing this for the fun of it.

What are your expectations? Are you looking to make $5/day? $20/day? $50/day?

I can tell you right now, due to high demand on GPU’s and the current rising hashrate and difficulty, you’re not going to make any of the above (aside from $5/day) without spending at least a couple thousand.

If you’re just looking to make a couple of dollars a day, you might get away using what you already have. In order to mine efficiently and at a profit you’re going to need GPU’s. To get GPU’s you’re going to have to spend money and they’re both rising in price and harder to get your hands on right now depending on where you are.

Here’s a calculator you can use to figure out what you’re wanting to gain: Crypto Mining Tools

Yeah I have read about the high demand. I’m only looking for a 2-3 dollars a day. I am thinking about buying the RX 480 but I don’t know I I can keep up with the difficulity, it’s hashrate is about 11 (so I’ve read) but my electricity only costs 0,043 dollar pr kWh so idk if can help maybe?

You will find it difficult to buy RX480s new these days mainly because they are now superseded by RX580s. Plus there is also very little in terms of stock anywhere in the world. Even on Amazon you will be waiting a couple of weeks.

The RX480 is way about 11 h/s - it may have been that back in October when Zcash first launched and mining software wasn’t optimised, but today you can get 290 h/s with one RX480 or RX580.

Try to see what you can get mining with various model graphics cards.

An RX 480 will do around 300 H/s or 300 Sol/s. Give or take depending on settings. Assuming you can even find a 480, you’ll make around $1.50-$2/day.

Keeping in mind that tomorrow, that could be $0.20/day. The difficulty is rising and so is the overall network hashrate.

Do you think it would be worth it buying a GTX 1050? It is said to have 269 H/s in October 2016 so idk what it would be now