1060 3gb versions or 1080 ti (New rig)

Hi im building my new rig and do not know what to pick.

Basicly i can buy 12x 1080 Ti cards or 50x 1060 3gb version cards.

Im the 50x 1060 would give more hashrate, but will it hold for more then 1 year? And if mining other alt coins i belive 3gb might not be the best? Also resell value on 1060 would be lower then 1080ti if selling the rig in the future.

Let me know your thoughts, thanks

I don’t get how you can buy x12 ti’s and x50 1060s… shouldn’t it be more around 30 if you count the extra motherboards,cpu and hard drives?

It’s time to sit on excel I guess. :wink:

The price difference for me is 1500 usd more. Not counted risers costs but everything else. Have discount on 1060 cards but im wondering if its a good invest compared to 1080ti cards. Also 3gb version 1060 would it be 280sols i hope?

should be around 280 or + if you don’t care about the power consumption… I say go for it if you have the space!

If power and heat is not an issue then the 1060’s would be my pick. Resale on the 1060’s depending where you are (i’m in australia) around the $250 mark maybe = $12.5k + associated hardware. Would you get that for 12 x 2nd hand ti’s? - doubtful i’m thinking.
On the flipside the TI’s would be less to set up / lesser running costs / a lot less heat but do the maths. GL