Can I change my wallet before payout?

I spent a while mining zcash in 2018. After the crash of everything, I just shut it all off and walked on to other hobbies (the heat in the basement was insane). I just started turning things back on and i found that my worker hadn’t reached its payout threshold yet and has enough zcash sitting in it to make me ask for help. I was an idiot and was mining to an exchange that no longer exists. Is there a way to change the wallet address that I want my coins to goto?

Check if the pool will let you change address, although most don’t offer that feature (ie: pool user account) so probably not.

oof, i thought flypool was the pool but I think I’m wrong. I was using hive os and it looks so different now when I log in. I feel like my dad trying to set the vcr time back in the 80s :slight_smile:

I checked, the pool was flypool and i don’t have access to the private keys to that wallet although I can turn the miner back on and off again at specific times to prove my identity. But I don’t think they’ll budge…