Flypool Zcash Mining Troubs

Hello Zcash Forum. I am a super newbie to the Cryptocurrency world so forgive me if I seem technologically ignorant because I AM! I am grateful for any and all input I need to get this figured out.

I recently bought an 8GPU rig from it came set up with mining software to mine Ether/Zcash/Monero the GPUs are Nvidia 1070 and the rig seems to be running perfectly. It has been running for a week but I have banked ZERO Zcash.

Please tell me if I am just pissing up a rope for trying to mine with such a small rig…I am not sure what I have done wrong the start up seemed so simple thanks.

did you setup a wallet ?

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Yes the machine has been running for a week. I used a wallet from it started with t1 as address. I just changed to using Jaxx wallet this morning. I see a lot of payouts but my machine gets NOTHING even though it seems to be running fine. Thanks

I guess wallet-zcash is a scam website . was mentioned here earlier .
any how you have now jaxx wallet . so my next question will be
did you add your wallet address in the miner command file ?

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Yes i just changed the Wallet address in the command file this morning to Jaxx…So Wallet-zcash if it’s a scam would explain the problem. Thanks. I will give Jaxx wallet some time to see what happens thank you very much for input.

once you start receiving on your Jaxx wallet your first mining rewards , think of increasing the payout minimum because over time is will stagnate your Jaxx.
and invest in hardware wallet to move every now and then your zcash to safer place

wish you all the best .

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Thanks buddy will do. I will update this is changing wallet address resolves my issue and will be nice to confirm for other that is a scam. fee is 80 times more than Zcash4win… DO NOT send ZEC out via

Well this sucks to hear. UGH. I’m also still not mining any Zcash is this like a lottery thing? where you just run a machine 24/7 and hopes it hits once in a long while? I expected with FlyPool I would make a certain amount each day. I’m new and extremely confused. Thanks

you’re using flypool? post your wallet address

and then post your config / startfile bat

go flypool and type your address, you should see your rig is running or not

for example, i pulled a random miner address from flypool.

if you have YOUR address (must be transparent address) in that url, you will see YOUR mining contribution.

Thanks for the input guys greatly appreciated. It appears my rig is running great and the wallet is properly connected…is Flypool a “lottery” type situation where it might be weeks before i crack a block or should i be seeing a small amount daily? I have no idea, being super new. THanks.

Man , its not a lottery, you should be getting few per day .
maybe your miner is infected or your system .
maybe its giving the rewards to another wallet .
many things can go wrong . and you are not helping us to help you .
show us your wallet address , no one can steal anything from a wallet address . and using your wallet you can see on flypool if its sending there anything .
most premade systems are by default have the wallet of the creator in the mining program for you to change .

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go the page above select setting. default payout is 0.01
you can check payout history too.
your wallet should receive some payout per day.
if your wallet is not scam wallet…

flypool working not meaning for your wallet is working…
you may mining for someone wallet instead…

if your wallet payout is 0… change it.
use zcash4win or simply

yeah no… There is no way you’ve been mining for 24 hours have a zero amount in your unpaid with a .0112 in immature

What or who are you using for a wallet?

and AGAIN post your config/ bat file if you want help

and in my opinion, no one should have or use Jaxx wallet… their fees are to high and they can change them anytime they like

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Ok there’s the address going into my new Jaxx wallet i was using but heard that was a scam wallet.

Ok thanks for the input…yes this shit is driving me nuts. Put out that much money for a mining RIG and then not be able to do any thing with it is abysmal

22.12.2017 15:14:06 241021 241131 4.2 0.01001 ZEC 2e7fa26430…
22.12.2017 11:00:36 240902 241020 5.1 0.01034 ZEC 043c2874da…
22.12.2017 05:56:52 240781 240899 5.3 0.01 ZEC c150d7f6bb…
22.12.2017 00:40:35 240651 240780 4.7 0.01028 ZEC ecede86528…
21.12.2017 20:00:33 240552 240650 5.0 0.01018 ZEC 71a7b0d870…
21.12.2017 15:02:56 240435 240549 4.3 0.01079 ZEC a64be1ee93…
21.12.2017 10:46:32 240325 240433 4.8 0.01019 ZEC 49ecb73bf8…
21.12.2017 05:59:01 240210 240321 5.1 0.01013 ZEC 3188b39dda…
21.12.2017 00:53:46 240103 240205 0.01002 ZEC a668f6aa93…
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