Flypool mining with z address! HELP ME

so im fairly new to mining ive been mining with flypool… now i didnt know then about the whole t adress zadress thing… so i ve been mining with a z address in flypool and then irealized the reason i cant payout is i needed a t address… how do i get my already mined ZEC to payout in my taddress?

you can’t…it is in limbo until the day the flypool starts doing payouts to Z addresses (maybe in 12 to 18 months(speculation))

curious it’s the very first thing on the screen when you go there… you sure you just didn’t believe it and decided this would be a great test and found out it’s true and thought well if it is true you could switch it over somehow???

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KHVelasco, hello. I made this mistake myself when I started about 3 weeks ago. I recall I found example that showed a Z address. I placed a support request ticket and requested a transfer of the funds from the Z address to the new T address I switched to when I realized the problem. It took about a week. You will need to provide your T address, and the Z address, and also the private key for the Z address. You can find instructions to do this. transfer any balance from the Z address and then Retire it after you expose the private key. The support was good about doing this, not a problem.



This is good information to know, thank you. Is there a direct link to this information you can point to? Could you copy and paste their email to you stating this?

Details are always nice to have

edit… found it!!
@KHVelasco here is a possible option


Good link, the most important item is exporting the private key for the Z address , it was easy to Google instructions to do this. Just open a support ticket, there is a form to select this transfer request.