Can I split the PSU - PCI-E power cable to add a GPU?

I want to add a 1080ti GPU but no cables are left, so my options are to buy PSU to PCI-E power cables, use 1 cable for 2 GPUs or use a spliter. I think all these options should work, but I need your confirmation before I order a new GPU.
Thank you!

With my EVGA cards, I get a 2 x Molex to 1 PCI-E cable.
I use it for one of my additional cards because my PSU has only 4 PCI-E cables but I have 5 video cards.

to be on the safe side, just connect each molex on different cable from the PSU, should be good.
Or if you find a good quality converter, go for 2x SATA connectors to PCI-E

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It’s easy enough to check before plugging it into the GPU, because there are only two voltages. The yellow wires are +12v and the black ones are GND. If the measured voltages don’t match the PCIe plug pinout in the right places, then yes it would fry your GPU.

There is no standard wiring configuration for the PSU end of modular cables so they can be wired in any way the PSU manufacturer decides, even differently between models from the same manufacturer. So you have to check with a voltmeter