Can not upgrade to v.5.7.0 (error when run ./zcutil/ -j$(nproc))

I have an issue when build the v.5.7.0
Can someone help fix this, thank you so so so much …

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That error is associted with the make file in the depends folder, have you downloaded all the needed dependencies?

 sudo apt-get install \
 build-essential pkg-config libc6-dev m4 g++-multilib \
 autoconf libtool ncurses-dev unzip git python3 python3-zmq \
 zlib1g-dev curl bsdmainutils automake libtinfo5

Hope this helps :zebra:


so, mod please remove him, scammer?

Thank you for your help.
Are these libraries safe, in your opinion?

Yes, those are all standard linux code libraries. You can search any of them individually to find out more information about what they do specifically.

now I have an error? can you help?

It’s looks like a similar dependency error. Are all of the dependencies listed above installed? It’s also usually conventional to run apt update and apt upgrade afterwards.