Zcash sidechain on Bitcoin (Drivechains)BIP300/301

Hey everybody!

I’ve been reading about those drivechains on Bitcoin lately.

They want to “kill” altcoins, and the first in line, is apperently Zcash.

Check this video on youtube if you want. It shows the Zcash sidechain on Bitcoin.


Would this even work? In terms of privacy?!


Yeah it would work, (and it’d be amazing if it did!) but I don’t think they can use Orchard.

IIUC the current demo is pretty much a clone of Zcash, so if they wanted to remove trusted set up (which bitcoiners care about a lot), they’d have to create their own payment protocol or get an orchard exemption (which is unlikely).

Would love to hear from someone more closer to the tech side (and legal) with their thoughts on this.


Thanks for your response!

Yeah it would be nice to hear from someone on the tech & legal side!

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It’s just so obvious that forks are not good for us as ZEC holders a privately funded project. forks make sense for projects working from chairity. But we are paying for the software. it’s different.