Can zcrash go as low as $5.00?

It seems this coin is going nowhere except downward. Can it go as low as $5.00 or lower?

Why not? Market cap now is roughly $7m with 150k coins.

If market cap stays the same:
1m coins means $7/coin
2m coins means $3.5/coin
4m coins means $1.75/coin

That of course assumes the market cap goes unchanged. But even if you assume it grows to say $25m it only takes 5m coins to bring it to $5. This is not the only way to analyze price, but it is how I approach it, the market cap is the most important indicator imo.

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its not ethereum LOL :smiling_imp:

Ethereum (ETH) $ 6.16

With ethereum i think this dip is the best season to invest. Any moment it can go back to its previous level. But with zcrash, i think the downward trend will continue in the next few months but how low can it go? I placed some orders at $5, $4.50 and $4 waiting to be filled.

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i used~ to watch some guy on yt and he has been saying that for the last 2 months (this is a good time to invest) i was telling him the etnire time, watch it go below 8, watch it go below 7.. now i have to say watch it go below 5. since hten i have realized even the popular YTbers just talk out their a$$... 1/2 the time they hardly know what they are talking about ... thats why I like doing tutorials... i dont have to give my opinions - cause i have too many to give and people wont like them LOL... you know they are really pathetic when they keep mentioning donations they get and asking for donations... one guy is going to move, and he is going to start a fundraiser for eth donations for his move?? give me a break... what happened to people being self-sufficient

I think orders at 4.5 or 4$ is not bad, thats my gut feeling, seems you are thinking the same, we are on the same page

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Its not the dump that makes me think that it will bounce back but the swelling of the orders. A good ~200btc investment and 25% return for let say 4 months of hodling is what i see. At close to $6.50, it only needs to be at $8.20 to realize that margin, but who knows it can go even higher, it did hold strong when it was under immense pressure back in June. :slight_smile:

Yes, I think we are thinking the same in placing orders at that level.

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For now:
ETH = 6.8 $

ZEC = 49.2$

ZEC = 7.1 ETH

It's very hard to tell $ price because it is affected by BTC/$. But If it goes like this, 1 ZEC will be between 0.75 and 2.25 ETH.

Its a dump... look:

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Nobody would buy a coin based on a "stable market cap" approach, since that implies a dropping price.

Investors need to believe in a stable /growing price, which equates to a marketcap at least linearly increasing over time.

A Zcash price of $5 implies an eventual marketcap of 21M*$5 = $105 Million,
expressing a belief that Zcash is about 1/6 as innovative/worthy as Ethereum.

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Is it wrong to have a good idea of where the floor is and not tell every single person? Especially those who don't believe in zcash and just want to turn a profit?

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your right, its a total dump after a hack

its all over the place

so eth will fork again? they fork again and goodnight eth...

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Poor soul whoever he is. If it is my holdings Im sure Im out of myself for god knows how long.
On good news, eth is rallying back, it may not take 4 months for that 25%. :grin:

@cryptomined did u purchase some eth?

nope, not enough trust in eth at the moment, i still think it can go back down

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after 2 days, target reached. not bad. A little more patience. :slight_smile:

nice to see green again with most of the top coins, ill have to admit

Yeah nice to see green. I have a feeling its going to be a good Christmas. Hope it stays that way till New Year.:evergreen_tree: