Zcash price crashing?

looks like the selling pressure has went up alot due to big bump in hashrate and not enough buying pressure..any opinions

Everyone has been banking on Alphabay. I haven't heard if it's even up yet with Zcash as an additional source for transactions.

Good! Keep your eye one the long game is you can afford it. I am not selling off my production so a correction over the next few months to a year is welcome as it will likely lead to higher coin production due to a lower difficulty. It will also discourage others from getting into mining as it won't be as profitable. This will lead to a decrease in immediate profit, but a potential spike in medium to long term profit.

so it just crashed the hardest … its on 208$ at the moment … below 200$ its not profitable to mine anymore :frowning:

Yeah, price is pretty ridiculous rn. Hopefully difficulty decreases significantly.

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I don't think this has anything to do with Zcash fundaments as much as it has to do with larger market sentiment (bearish lately).

if you need the money I think it's a good idea to look into other coins like zen or hush. if not then stick to it.

Difficulty probably won't go down, but it is less likely to double every 2 months right now. Remember, you are still getting about the same number of coins, but the underlying value is less. If you keep the coins long term, then today's price doesn't matter.

Also, if this isn't profitable for you still, you are doing something wrong. It just isn't incredibly profitable. Remember that incredibly profitable will always be the temporary situation. Because when it is incredibly profitable, people will pile into mining.


no you don't get the same amount of coins! ... yea you do but it's takes longer to get the same amount and also keep in mind that what you get for that same amount is less.

normally difficulty will only go up, that's with every coin you will mine.
zcash grew more than 400% this year, which is a pretty good profit i think. now there is a correction for a couple of reasons (dark web issue, uncertainties this month wrt bitcoin changes, profit taking after a steady almost constant rise).

RIP zec price and difficulty

RIP BTC? ETH? RIPPLE?? LTC? :scream:

Please look at the market and stop picking on ZEC. It isn’t the only one falling.

TF is going on? :cold_sweat:

The bubble has popped

Actually bought today ...Averaged-up my cost. Return to this thread at the end of the month, and say hello.


Whens theres blood in the streets.. buy property (read: coin)

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wait if btc sticks at these levels and this is it or that it will go down further.
next levels down are - more or less - 2280-2298, 2173, 1830 as the next stops. (after that 1300).

i only look at btc, the rest of the coins follow the direction with a multitude percentage :slight_smile:

Chill I'm talking about zec on zec forum. Not picking on it chill bro

Riiiiiight. I suppose you went ahead and posted on the forums at each of those coins that were listed above to pay your respects as well right? RIP

and here is a snapshot from 1 year ago (zcash is not on it yet, because it just started in 29 october 2016; in 2016 the zcash price was around $50)