Zcash price deveplopment?

So in just one day from over 40btc/1zec to 5btc/1zec, what price development can be expected as next? will it go even more down?

Nope, around 4.5-5btc/1zec is the bottom, shouldnt go lower.


what price development can be expected as next?

Down only. 1 ZEC = 5 BTC is insane. Just my 2 satoshi :wink:

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the target price is 1.5BTC/ZEC by Dec 30th.

i think it will go below 1 btc for sure

Have other coins ever been traded for greater than or equal to 1BTC? I’ve never seen one but I’ve only been into crypto for a few months.

from high of 3300 BTC per 1 ZEC to now 5 BTC for 1 ZEC, it is still higher than $3000 plus for 1 ZEC. Still very impressive

give it another 24 hours ;p
then ANOTHER 24…
might settle around 0.1 tho, but only for a week after that, then continue down
i mean it could stay high, make us miners all rich sure, but good luck on that :smiley:

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I think there’s a definite demand for the coin, but once there’s a healthy supply being moved around who knows what will happen. It’s still very exciting to watch the Zcash story unfold!

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Ups, that was a sky high price for sure. Well these 5btc would be nice if it stay at these rates for a while…

It’s certainly going down but barring a major technical failure it’s not going to be a <=10000 satoshi shitcoin any time soon. If the fiat inflow can remain at >=1M USD per day we can sustain ZECBTC >=0.2 even with the block reward increasing to 12.5 & even with every mined coin being dumped right away (which they aren’t).

1.5 BTC already… sadly the withdraw limits are low. It will cost cheap when I mine the minimum 0.003 with my 20 sols…

0.001 soon… Hope that the big boys change to eth then… :scream_cat:

Nope, around 4.5-5btc/1zec is the bottom, shouldnt go lower.

Close. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Have to imagine that, in the short term, once the initial hype dies down, even if it trades at 10-20x ETH, that’s only ~15 - ~.30 BTC. It’s possible that the price stays higher than that, but that price would be propped up by pure speculation and not true utility/value. As I write this we’re already down to 1.3 BTC per ZEC so there’s little reason to believe that this is the true price floor and we’ll continue trending downwards.

This should not be construed as being negative, I’ve very bullish on Zcash’s future - the price just needs to sort itself out, stabilize and then climb higher at a more natural rate. I know a lot of you are interested in a quick cash out, but Zcash has long term potential.

I would also guess about 0.03 btc/zec

sigh… 1.2 and still sliding down. was at 1.12 and jumped to 1.2 currently and 1.21 as we speak

Definitely below parity, at least until the currency proves it’s a worthy successor to BTC.

Definitely down down down. I’m making a nice little side profit on trading the retracements on Poloniex. :wink:

Ok so not wort mining right now. I have lost my investment.

I would say it’s definitely worth mining now… I wouldnt cloud mine, but if you’ve got some hardware i’d recommend mining.

Given the supply vs. the volume, that is pretty what what everyone is trying to do.