Canada based Zcash mining pool for easy mining!

Hi Zcash miners,

Introducing the new Zcash mining pool - Inviting miners to join the pool and spread the hashing power of Zcash. Feel free to contact me if you are facing any issues connecting to the pool. I am active on Zcash chat ( with username "neon". Feedbacks and suggestions welcome to improve the performance and usability of the pool. A little bit of background about me: I am the pool admin for NeonPool which hosted one of the early pools for Musicoin.

Pool Features

Very Low fee (0.5%) anonymous mining pool.
No Account Required! Use your t-address as your username.
Block Transaction Fee Rewards are paid to miners.
Optimized Variable Diff Pool with full Stratum support.
Dual mining ports for low Diff & high Diff mining.
Mining pool server located in Canada.

Minimum Payments

Zcash Min Payout is 0.1 per miner.
Payouts every hour.

Sample mining instructions

Claymore's miner: ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal "your_taddr"."rigName" -zpsw x -allpools 1
EWBF miner: miner.exe --server --user "your_taddr"."rigName" --pass x --port 3032 --cuda_devices 0
Optiminer: optiminer-zcash -s -u "your_taddr"."rigName" -p x
NiceHash miner: nheqminer.exe -l -u "your_taddr"."rigName" -p x

Hi, Seeking support from zcash miners to join the pool and make it a success. I can enable TLS support as well if anyone prefers that.

Stratum host:
Low Diff port for low/mid hash power miners: 3032
High Diff port for high hash power miners: 3033

Nice, but how you will support the pool without mining fee?

It's a introduction offer. As soon as enough people mine on it, the pool owner will have to turn on pool fees and then the pool is the same as all the rest.

I can manage to keep the pool running for no fee for couple of weeks or a month and based on the pool performance I am planning to turn on a very low pool fee of 0.5% for basic pool maintenance expenses.

Zcash miners, pool updated to the latest patched version 1.0.8-1. Also, lowered the minimum payout to 0.001 zcash so that mid range hash miners need not wait long to cash out. Looking for miners to keep the pool alive.

The mining pool is using a sub-domain?

Now I am using a free domain service to see how it goes and as the pool fee is set as 0%. So the domain is and hostname is set as zcash-neonpool. Will move to a paid one if the pool attract more miners. Pool is picking up pace now and more miners are welcome to try it out and spread the hashing power of Zcash.

Pool fees updated to a very low amount of 0.5%. Miners kindly try out the pool and help spread the hashing power of Zcash.