New Pool with low fees

New Zcash pool with .5% fees
Payments every 10 minutes
Minimum payout 0.05
Everything is paid even the transaction fees.
Fees cover expenses to run the pool and donations are accepted.

Check it out at

Thank you

Guys i am doing a give away of 1 zcash for every block found at the pool

I understand your point but as we have just started we can’t make everything at once and if i do get miners and it goes well for a month i was going to add new features so i hope you understand. If you do have some miner point it to our pool if possible and let your friends know too.

Thank you,
Om patel

So I didn’t understand you properly because you said it is good if miners get paid in Zcash they will join and my pool does pay in Zcash also you said you are mining on my pool but I don’t see it.

Thank you

Sorry man, seems i haven’t sleept enough last night, damn. I messed it up totally.
No idea why i thought we are talking here about Don’t ask me how it came into my mind. Sorry man, i totally messed it up…

Deleting my posts so the thread stays clean!