Cannot connect to (test) network


Is there a peers list or something?

Fresh compile and install on ubuntu following the public alpha guide on github.


I think I managed to join the testnet last week after following this post - but I don't seem to be syncing now... I think I'm mining empty blocks on my own and they're appending to my local copy of the blockchain.


Unfortunately the DoS disruption of the Testnet has not been resolved in the current Testnet Version (z8) of Zcash. They are working a number of security patches to resolve this issue for Version z9 which is due out next week.

See this thread for details


Wasn't sure if there was a fix released yet or not.

Thanks for the quick responses.

@Voluntary your testnet3 folder seems to have worked (sort of,) as I now show 8 connections


z9 has resolved this issue (which turned out not to be a DoS as originally suspected: ).