Testnet 24 Sol/s on network, but no connections

I have testnet on ZecWallet v0.7.6 and previously synced it to block 540169 / ~566680 (95.32%).

It says Network solution rate is 24 Sol/s
but as I have zero connections I guess that means just the hash rate at the time of that block, and all the other peers are not connected.

Anyone able to restart testnet? I can leave mine running, but I can’t get inbound connections.

Do you have addnode=testnet.z.cash in your zcash.conf file?

Yes, actually I do.
Oh, but (checking my settings) I realise the cause!

I have it set to connect via Tor, but forgot to start the Tor Browser when starting this wallet! :woozy_face:


I now have 7 connections and am beginning to download the remaining 4 and three quarters of a percent of the blocks.

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