Can't get an t address

I have the blockchain loaded and it starts mining on the CPU.
When I try to put into the terminal zcash-cli getnewaddress I get the message error could’nt connect to server: unknown (code - 1).

Any help out there?


is blockchain updated to last block? You can’t do any zcash-cli functions till the blockchain is syncronized…

Hope that’s the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks john. The blockchain is synchronised, and mining has started. When I try to enter zcash-cli it will not allow me to enter anything. When I stop the mining and then go back to and enter ./src/zcash-cli it gives me the error message that I could not connect to server.

can you copy and paste your config file?
What OS are you using?

Make sure the server (zcashd) is running in one terminal when you issue the zcash-cli commands from a different terminal. You’ll need two terminals running.

Thanks Dartmouth. It works!! I have now sent a little ZEC to see if it reaches the wallet.
Just as a matter of interest how many equihash make 0.00000001 ZEC

Hi johnwisdom. I tried the method that Dartmouth said and it works. Just as a matter of interest how would I find the config file? I am very much a beginner with all this stuff but I hope to improve.