Zcash-cli couldn't connect to server

I’m getting the message
error: couldn’t connect to server
using the zcash-cli commands.

Running 1.0.3 using the Mac port. Anyone else getting this?

Are you sure that your daemon is running? Do you see zcash listening on rpc port 8232 for the cli calls?

Mac is not yet officially supported as well so there are probably dragons?

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Dragons = :slight_smile:

I restarted the zcash daemon a couple times, but the cli wouldn’t connect. I’m running the daemon with the splash screen. Very odd. After resetting my network it worked again.

Are you using nheqminer? It binds to port 8323. So, I can check by typing on my command line:

netstat -an | grep 8323

Copy and paste the output of the command, and substitute the port number of the miner you are using.

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I’m using Tromp running a solo node. If it happens again I’ll use that command for port 8000.

The mac port is almost all changes to build the dependencies and futzing about with the build configuration, the core code itself isn’t really touched at all

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