Sending coinbase ... how do you do it?

im trying to send coins from my t-addr

“address” : “t1TRnqpWzDKAAQQ8dyL68iuioAaDR8PBNam”,
“account” : “”,
“amount” : 0.00478692,
“confirmations” : 136,
“txids” : [

to another t addr and i get this:

./zcash-cli z_sendmany “t1TRnqpWzDKAAQQ8dyL68iuioAaDR8PBNam” “[{"address": "t1eYeHJKV6Ku9VzadpS8p1LDBeYXqQtRjvw", "amount": 0.0025}]”

and i get:


then checking the status:

./zcash-cli z_getoperationstatus
“id” : “opid-68800021-da57-4c52-a1c1-ea8e58eb823e”,
“status” : “failed”,
“creation_time” : 1477951685,
“error” : {
“code” : -6,
“message” : “Could not find any non-coinbase UTXOs to spend.”


Did you mine a block to that address? Mining rewards first have to be sent to a z-address.

i did not … flypool for some reason sent their payout like this … how do i send it to z-address?

been trying to figure out this for the last hour … !!

You just need to use the sendtoaddress command. It automatically selects from available UTXOs.

it gives back an error of not finding any UTXO!

When you call getinfo does it say you have a balance?

Maybe your funds are in a private address?

what is a private address? and get info doesnt show any balance!!