How does zcashd and zcash-cli work, t address disappeared

I had couple of gpus lying around idle and i decided to try mining last week… I had never used crypto coins before. After i reading a bit i settled on zcash.

I created a t address it showed up, but now it disappeared completely, i am lost.

I installed cashed
I created two addresses t and z (at least i thought so)
configured a miner with a nanopool so that the payout goes to t address.

here the issue starts,
When i checked nanopool, it shows me 2 payouts
first one i can see the details on zchain
second one says it does not exist

then i checked with zcash-cli , when i tried to list addresses it only shows me the z address. (it is like t address disappeared)

only trace of the t address i could find was with
zcash-cli listreceivedbyaddress 0 true,
then it shows me two items one having the address i am looking for and another one that i have no clue about, both showing 0 amount. ( i think my zcashd should know about it then!)

also it shows 0 balance

I am wondering why the t address disappeared, why payout 1 was ok and payout 2 does not exist and more importantly how can i recover.

Any clarification is much appreciated! thanks a lot in advance.