Motherboard Gigabyte Z270p d3

Hello everyone,

I’ve been mining for 2 years.

I bought the motherboard z270p d3 gigabyte to assemble several RIGS with 5 or 6 gpu.

I have done the normal hardware installation and the required software installation. After that I could not find the stability of the RIGS and always 1 gpu shows me on the screen less hash than the others.

Please help me

More information is needed, we are not there, we can not see what you have

what are the gpu’s
driver used with gpu’s
how many gpu’s
mining software
stock or modified bio on gpu’s
stock or overclocking card
what are the h/s’s that you are getting?

Ok thanks

Windows 10 64 bit
Sapphire rx 480 8gb x 5
AMD Catalyst 16.9.2
Claymore 12.5V
Non modified bios
Non overclocking card
275 to 285 hs normal gpu and 45, 100, 180 shows me the gpu with problem In each rig

First for 4xx cards (Polaris) Crimson 16.12.2 is recommended.

run DDU in safe mode and install recommended drivers

if this doesn’t resolve it, reply back and post your config file

I had already installed 16.12.2 and continued giving the problem. I’m testing with 16.9.2 for a recommendation that someone made me.

My config file or bat file is:

ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal t1cRm84ooTvcoNdmz6MdG3gzw1aqmmgmbkh.RIG01 -zpsw x

The same problem happens to me with 4 different rigs.

All rigs have the same video cards and the same motherboard.

What I find curious, I have had motherboards asrock h81 pro btc always and they require peripheral electrical power for PCI ports. The gigabyte Z270P D3 motherboards do not have that input. I have read that some motherboards need to enable an option on the bios to work with more than 4 video cards. In this case is it so?

have you flashed the bio’s to the most current version?

I would point you to this post for additional help

and to this one here

Yes. f5 bios version.

I have the same Problem, I have the Gigabyte Z270p d3 motherboard And only recognizes 4 gpu. When it starts to mine all the gpu work but after a few minutes 1 gpu is returned to 0 mh /s.
Does anyone know how to configure this motherboard to mine perfectly in windows 10? Note: Upgrade to the F5 bios and the system has become somewhat unstable.

@theotoukou and @KromoX take a look at this video start around the 19:30 mark

Same problem wit GA-Z270P D3. Only 4 Cards to go. Tryed to switch lots but wont help. Thers no 4G section in BIOS like on z170. Z270p D3 has other then Z170 BIOS so no option to change above “4G” section. Have F5 bios updated, nvidia cards.

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The bios of GA-Z270P D3 doesnt has a section of “Above 4G Decoding” like in your Video. :frowning:

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Yes. Same as you. I didnt find it

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Tell me something, How your motherboard recognizes 5 gpu? Can you tell me all the settings you use?

I have 2 rigs working for 2 days and a half with 5 gpu. But 2 more rigs are not working well:

Windows 10 64 bit
Catalyst 19.9.2
Sapphire rx 480 8gb x5
F5 Bios update
Windows defender: disabled
Windows update: disabled

The 2 working rigs are using the Gigabyte GA-Z270P D3 too? or are using another Mobo?

the Gigabyte GA-Z270P D3 it is like a miracle

Ok, What configuration did you use on the bios or windows for that motherboard to recognize more than 4 gpu?

Two of them have worked very well for two and a half days and two others have not. The two that are working well have the same characteristics.

The other two are not working, one of them has the same features as those that are working well and the other has msi video cards combined with sapphire

Windows 10 64 bit
Sapphire rx 480 8gb x 5
AMD Catalyst 16.9.2
Claymore 12.5V
f5 bios update
Non overclocking card

I installed the original motherboard drivers from the cd rom that brings the mobo