Problem with my rig, please help!

I have finally put together my dream rig! (First time mining BTW) I have everything set up perfectly,

EXCEPT one thing. I just CANNOT figure out why my motherboard does/will NOT recognize more than 1 GPU. I am using a MSI z170a motherboard.

I did all of the configurations necessary in Bios according to guides. The Bois version is 1.9 that I am using, the newest one. I see people using the older version on guides (1.7), do i need to downgrade or something?

Howcome it doesnt recognize multiple GPUS? Please help ive been struggling all week I just want to get started

that's a good board.

So when you have 1 GPU connected, it boots fine.

You power down, add a second GPU, then boot it up, but nothing happens? Is the mobo lights on but the monitor isn't displaying a signal?

One of the most common problems is your bios settings, but you say they're correct, so have you tried connecting the display to your second gpu instead of the 1st gpu?