Censorship on forums re: political speech

zcash will be forked. the censorship here regarding a troll post supporting donald trump exemplifies the myopic views and discrete control of a limited few. the zadder-tadder tech is old, but implemented well here. enjoy the halving. I will sell into it.

this project will be successfully forked. zcash 2020 is the bitcoin of 2015.

(Toldya you spelled it wrong, (trade) dress code)

I wish you would stay, theres always different levels of understanding thats life, the political thing well I mean yeah code of conduct :point_up:

Well remember it creates a tax event for every custodian and potential problems for the forked-from so a decent launch ramp is advised to smoke it out

Well I hope you stay lurking at least if you go and hopefully you know things turn around, I’ve been here almost every day for 3 years and yeah its up and down, you know about the movement, the mission, don’t let other people f you up about that, they’ll come around or they won’t shrug

If you’re looking for censorship resistant publication platforms, the Zcash development community is not it. Why would you think that was the case, since we prioritize inclusiveness?

Since my response on the other thread was taken down, I’ll paraphrase an important point here: ensuring Zcash remains inclusive is required for it to reach billions of humans. That’s literally by definition.

OTOH, there are plenty of censorship resistant platforms with strong privacy being built atop Zcash, such as https://zecpages.com/board, https://zboard.org, Zbay. Make sure if you care about censorship resistance to use the direct Viewing Keys rather than relying on the website.


The feedback by forum users and opinion of the mod team is that politics is best kept to other venues. There are plenty of other platforms where people can discuss this candidate vs that candidate. The removal of the thread was not a slight against any particular candidate so please don’t feel offended, if there was a “Zcashers for Biden” post it also would be removed.

Zcash the protocol is designed to be private money, and thereby agnostic to whatever the political ideals the individual who hold Zcash has.


you prioritize inclusiveness via exclusion (censorship)?

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we’re trying to rebuild a broken community from scratch. if someone starts a political thread that is not violating anything - why go out of your way to censor it. if you don’t agree - debate, or mute the thread, and go on with your life. community building is an area i have a shit ton of experience with. this is not how you build a community. censorship creates division

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Rest assured, as soon as the ZEC economy pushes the price above $ 200, all these “Zcash haters” will come running here in big formations. There is no need to confuse these concepts: a thinking community and people, those eager to make money quickly.

If you think that any topic contributes to an increase in the community, including politics, then imagine that I will start a thread on the forum about Putin. I think it will look very strange.

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vast majority of people using zcash/cryptocurrencies are right leaning. censoring them is not a good idea, imo. almost exactly like the unforced errors from ECC that led to DNMs turning their backs on zcash. wish ECC folks would stick to engineering, and leave the rest alone.

unfortunately, probably won’t make much from ZEC halving. zcash should’ve already legged-up by now. if you’re playing a halving best time to sell is usually a month before the event. also, no significant large whales are playing halving because they usually trade in 1 year increments. didn’t see them enter the market. XMR volume is currently besting zcash. that shouldn’t be happening in a halving year.

after the 1st halving - zcash will still maintain comparatively high inflation, so i’m not expecting much until 2nd halving.

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side note - zcash has such a poor reputation - a zcash fork that gets accepted on DNMs will outcompete zcash, and it won’t even be close

—side note2–

BTW, this thread completely ruined my workout this AM. zcash stuff was going through my head, wasn’t paying attention, and forgot i added a 25lbs weights to the barbell. when i went to pull the 45lbs plate off the bar - the 25lbs weight dropped 4’ on the top of my foot. my foot is probably broken now. not a happy camper.

i’m going to go out in a limb here, and say hardly anybody within ECC, or ZF has very much community building experience, and probably don’t really understand the market, or players involved in the market (people that use zcash). this is a recipe for disaster.

never changing ZF specifically is almost 100% run by academics. most academics live a charmed life, and never ran any type of business. wanna talk “diversity” start at ZF

Why not just fork this forum? Nothing says this forum needs to be the only one / best one / official one. If it’s the most active, that’s at least partly a sign that its moderation policies are winning in a fair competition.


here’s a perfect example.

you think spreading the very small community to another forum would be a good thing for community building? i say, if the thread doesn’t violate the rules - let it go. people will notice ZEC community is actually inclusive, and it’s not just lip service.

being said, if forum was forked - would wager the new forum would be much more active. i’d probably feel less constricted, and i can create active threads like this all day long without even trying

if it’s a violation to speak of politics on this forum - should be clearly stated in the rules

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Wondering how long a forum with no moderation would last before it drowned in political bile…guessing not long.


new forum would need moderation, but the rules would be 100% clear. people would know exactly what they can/cannot do. again, there’s nothing in this forum’s rules that states political talk is a violation. censoring a thread arbitrarily is very off putting. it’s exclusionary, and chases people off.

I am a Z casher for Trump and I think Trump is for Z cash…

Isn’t there an area for non-zcash discussions?


I believe Lawzec is worried because he believes one or some of the MGRC hold political views that dont align with the directive of the project and is worried that a new spiralling downward trajectory is set. I think the Trump thing was a kinda roundabout way to bring it up (kinda like this thread).
Just remember that besides the legal veto the ZFND holds and because the ZFND pays them what they do, they now exist as an employer and self contractors. Its not much leverage but a contract of payment essentially defing a job description, standards, severance and all that good stuff to be fullfilled is not nothing.

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that thread could’ve become the political containment thread, but i guess that’s not allowed

mist nailed it, BTW. exactly why i did that. containment threads work