Should The Forum Move to Discord?

I think part of the reason zcash doesn’t grow organically is that zcash wastes resources building nice platforms like this instead of focusing on preexisting popular ones like discord. Makes it needlessly difficult for new members


Zcash forum website isn’t a leading social media platform

And it will never be if we move the discussion center to other platforms. I’m well familiar with the rules of bitcointalk and understand why they have come to success.

Some of us don’t care about continuing to waste time on making this obscure site a leading social media platform. I care about making the zcash community accessible to the public

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In my opinion, it is obvious that by intersecting with the nft-community and shifting the discussion to this particular site, you introduce people to the Zcash community. However, I will not continue this conversation further.

If you don’t want to have a discussion, don’t make an argument if you don’t want a rebuttal. Shifting the discussion to this site is a wasted step that is counter-productive, especially if pre-existing solutions already exist.

fwiw @Yaro, you can find Zcash community forums on Discord, Twitter, Telegram and other platforms.

Great, I think everyone here agrees with you. I think the question is, why doesn’t Zcash Discord gets more activities compared to this forum site? Do you have a suggestion on making Zcash Discord more popular?

I would suggest that everyone on this site stop using it and move their discussions to Discord. Potential new members go to Discord first. They see that Discord is a ghost town and leave. They don’t go searching for this site generally. Also, on a much less important note, I can come up with improvements to mod representation there as well as changes to channel organization/channel icons

I don’t think asking everyone to leave a place they want to be in, is a good idea. Also, for a long-form discussion, I think Discourse (the platform this forum use) is better compared to Discord.


I disagree. I don’t think it’s better. I also think it’s a great idea for members to leave the place they are comfortable using in exchange for going someplace better for community growth.

People go where they want to go. So I’m with @tokidoki on this.


I hope that someday people start evaluating why their community is unsuccessful. It’s very hard for new members to connect when the pre-existing members are unreceptive while remaining in denial about their receptivity and effectiveness of their current strategy. Very difficult to escape a spiral where leaders have bad ideas that get re-affirmed by loyal followers. (I’m not speaking about everyone here, just the one’s successful with their negative impact)

Hmm, sorry dude but I think your just giving off bad vibes for no reason. There are questions in the post of @tokidoki, which I am also curious about, which offer a way to start a dialogue on how to change the status quo.

I’m just being direct about the issues here. Obviously the criticism is unpleasant. The best way to resolve it is is to address the criticism instead of telling me it’s unpleasant as if that in itself is an argument. Despite saying that the community wants to start a dialogue, I don’t think anyone wants to actually say anything that everyone doesn’t already agree with. It’s a closed loop. The very existence of this website is a direct example of how the community helps perpetuate their own siloing. I don’t know how members under this siloing spiral hypnosis would be able to finally break the spell. I suspect that people here won’t appreciate what I have to say, but I am trying to help

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Alright, I’ll drop it. I just wanted to get my perspective across. I wish the community the best success. Zcash leaders made some very positive turns lately when it comes to correcting course. I don’t want to just focus on the negative.

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I’d be inclined to disagree. Forexample the marketing grant proposal, there are opposing views and they express them freely. There seems to be enough mutual respect that people are not hesitant to express their opposing view even if they are up against relatively more public facing figures. Another example is the discussion surrounding the license for the NU5 occard repository, very devided on the matter even between people in the same ranks/group.

If you look at the Zcash Discord and Telegram group chat I think you will see that there is no “siloing” going on. Perhaps not as much activity as you are perhaps would like, but it is effective.

Thanks for sharing your perspective. I hope we can work together in furthering the adoption of Zcash.

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I’ve seen the discord and telegram groups. They contributed to my perspective rather than disconfirmed it unfortunately. Telegram just has the same few people there, and isn’t very interesting + full of scammers. Discord is a wasteland. Telegram isn’t important, but Discord should be top priority. Furthermore, there is also Reddit. It’s a great place to make posts if people prefer that over natural conversation flow of discord.

I’m not saying that this website should be shut down suddenly, but I do think that mods should urge community members move their discussion to discord/Reddit and stop making posts here unless they already posted them to to a mainstream social media platform. Also I hope people can understand this on a personal level and make individual effort to use discord/reddit.

Mods need to be actively regulating trolls and scammers.

Lets move this topic to its own thread?

Yeah, good idea. This discussion really spiraled. I’m just replying to what people write back

No idea how to move the thread.

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