Claymore 12.5 freezes and shows miner thread hangs, needs to restart miner

Hi guys, help please

3 Rx480 (2 XFX and 1 powercolor)
claymore 12.5
NO overclocking, NO underclocking, NO biosmod at all, just stock values
fans 90%.
Virtual memory 20GB - 30 GB
PSU 1200w Evga platinum certified
I use a wired internet connection and it’s stable.
Driver Crimson 16.12.2

My claymore starts minning nicely then after some minutes, it freezes, I press any key and it shows

Miner thread hangs, needs to restart miner!

After I press the key and that message is shown the claymore restarts and mines again for some minutes after the same happens.

What can i do for this to not happen?

thanks in advance.

Did you increase your windows swap file size? Read the read me file in claymore

yeah, it says at least 16GB, so I put it initial 20 GB - MAX 30GB.

And this way the error message is less frequent but it still appears sometimes :confused:

I’m curious as to why you (lied?) said no overclocking when in the screenshot it clearly shows you OVERCLOCKING!

is it overclocked? no way

I reinstalled windows 10, reinstalled msi afterburner and didn’t touch any of those values, just adjusted the fan.

That’s all.

I’m a total newbie I don’t want to start playing around with that stuff and break something, so, I didn’t touch anything other than fans

click the reset button, its the one to the left of the check mark…

if you are going to change something, change temp to 75 and put fans on auto

once its stable then play with the settings