Miner not working. Sorry for asking again, post was deleted

Hello, After I start claymore, It will run for a little while after accepting a few shares, then the computer will freeze and become unresponsive and I have to power cycle it. I have a z97x motherboard, 8 gb or ram with 5 r9 nanos with one 1200 w psu and one 1000w psu. Virtual memory is set at 30 gb. Drivers are the latest .Im on windows 10. Any Ideas?

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I have the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 but am running 6 x rx 480 8gb GPU’s.
The latest driver didn’t work at all for me. A lot of people having good luck with 16.9.2 driver.
I am running 16.6.2 driver, this has been the best driver I have found for my configuration. I also use the miner as a PC, and light gaming.

ETA: BTW that Mobo came with BIOS v.1.1, and I flashed to v.1.4 which seems to be a little more stable. Didn’t try them all.