Combining two diferent nvidia gpu 4 mining

I want to use gtx 1080 strix with gtx 980 evga to mine zcash in the same rig using sli bridge .
Is this posible and do i need many configurations to set up ?

It’s possible yes. You also don’t need SLI. It will do it without and in fact if I remember correctly it can impede your hashrate.

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It’s ok, but you need to configure Afterburner separately for each GPU.

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May you direct me for guide for dual gpu mining set up .

I wil look for it . Thanks noobvie

There’s nothing really special required. As long as you have the drivers installed and you’re using a reasonable miner (in this case you’re using nVidia cards so I would suggest EWBF’s CUDA miner), you just have to configure the miner for whichever pool you’re going to use and it will automatically detect both cards.

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I want to mine and do some gaming in the same rig using my gtx 1080 only for gaming but when i go for mining i want to utilize my gtx 980 with 1080 .

so if i installed gtx 980 with riser and let my gtx 1080 with normal pcie for better band width, will it work properly and 980 gpu will not interrupt me when i play games.

this is my specs for further info :

i5-3570 k ,motherboard (asrock z77 extreame),8 GB ram kingston ,RM-850 Watt 80 PLUS Gold corsair