Pairing 1gb gpu with 8gb gpu

hi, new to the mining scene.

i have been GPU mining ZEC and CPU mining XMR on my gaming rig for a few weeks. purely as a hobbyiste.

i5 3570k oc to 3.5ghz - liquid cooled
R9 390x 8gb vram
16gb ram.

i have several old Sapphire Radeon HD6870 1gb cards laying around, i have read many a thread that say 1gb cards aren’t up to snuff anymore because of the DAG file, all of these thread assume that you only have 1 card in your system.

my question is this - can they be paired with my R9 390x or do each card need to have a separate instance of the dag file to operate.

if not what could i mine, power is not an issue. one of many redeeming feature of Quebec Canada.


as far as I know no.
even when you use crossfire it isn’t possible. I know that there is a new kind of sli that could combine the vram, but not with normal crossfire(aka SLI for nvidea)

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thanks, for the info.

i just find it a shame that these decent Gaming cards aren’t useful for anything.

as a side note, i am doing this as a ZERO DOLLARS INVESTED project. just grabbing what i got and go mine.

thanks again.


Not decent. Old 10$ gpu cards.

I’m running a GTX970 and gtx560 out of the box with the newest driver without a problem.
No further configuration was needed

well they where usefull a couple of years ago. and yes they are gaming cards and you can still them for that.
you could use nicehases miner to check if there is still a coin that you can mine with it, but I doubt it’s still that usefull for mining ATM

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thanks for the suggestion

i will try NiceHash miner. Even if i find something to mine that will give me 10-15$ a month, in my view it will cover the electricity expense.

i was looking at maybe getting some risers to add the HD 6870’s i have with my R9 390x. the down side is i’d have to completely rework my gaming rig into some kind of hybrid caseless dual purpose rig . . . . ohh the noise . . .


as an update, i was able to get both my HD6870 1gb card mining, sadly not ZEC ( pipe dream i know )

mining XMR with them and getting decent H/S

Thanks brainbudt for the lead in the right direction.

cheers all.

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