Mining with different GPUs! please help

hello people

first of all sorry,if i am asking a question that’s been already answered,but somehow i cant find it,
i need to know if there is any possibility to mine with two different gpus, i have 2X asus 1080ti 11gb turbo edition and 1X msi gtx 970 4gb gaming, will it work? or will it make my profit lower? please if you have any idea,let me know

Of course it will work :slight_smile:

Thanx for the reply :wink:

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I have one rig with amd and another with nivida and amd. As long as all drivers are installed and Windows goes through all the updates it will work just fine. Claymore miner for amd and ewfg I think is what it is works for nivida . You can have both miners running at the same Time.

thanx for the reply, but i am going to mine these two different gpus in one rig,and thats why i wanted to know if it was working without problem or not.

This is generally a pain on Linux but easy on Windows. The only time this is true :slight_smile:

EDIT: I meant GPUs from different manufacturers. Multiple from NVIDIA would be fine on either OS.

Hello everyone!

I have 6 gpus listed below:

  • gtx 1050 2gb
  • gtx 1060 6gb (on the way)
  • gtx 1070 8gb
  • 3 gtx 1080 8gb

What would be the best coin (or coins) to mine based on the following graphics card I have? I just need some insight. I’ve already a 7 slot motherboard that comes with it. I’m starting to get excited with this new project of building my own rig :slight_smile: