Community Feedback on 26-Episode Zcash Podcast RFP Proposal

Zcash community,

I am reaching out to get your thoughts and input on our response to the Zcash Podcast RFP. As a team that conducts a lot of research within the blockchain and Web3 space, we are proposing a 13-episode series for Season 1 where we interview thought leaders, users, and developers within the Zcash ecosystem such as Aditya Kulkarni for the podcast episode for Web3 wallets and the ZecWallet, for example. Although we have interviewed influencers such as Adam Back, Ben Goertzel, and Bit Boy Crypto, we feel amplifying the members of the community is the best approach for the audience to get the latest developments within the ecosystem.

Also, after a call and review with the grants team, some of the feedback we received was that a few of the topics for the episodes could be refined. As we added those as talking points, we would like the community to weigh in to get feedback you all think would be good topics for the podcast.

Please see the proposal deck below:

Below is additional information regarding the proposal, the team, and the project schedule (sorry for the spacing and bolding issues, the tools aren’t being that nice tonight).


SydTek DAO and Women in Blockchain Canada (WIBC) look to collaborate on a 22-episode podcast series that interviews developers and community members within the Zcash ecosystem. In addition to the interviews, Dr. Justin Goldston and Justyna Osowska will hold a livestream after each episode call ‘Z Aftershow,’ which will be hosted in the SydTek University campus where we will white-label for Zcash. We will bring awareness to the Zcash ecosystem with our existing 45k+ community followers that generate 250k+ monthly engagements. In addition to our existing following, we have budgeted for weekly marketing for Zcash and the podcast across social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

As international speakers at blockchain conferences and on the TEDx stage, Justyna Osowska and Dr. Justin Goldston have organized and hosted and been guests on numerous podcasts where they discussed blockchain, crypto, Web3, and the metaverse. As the Founder of Women in Blockchain Canada and as a Professor and Coordinator of Project and Supply Chain Management at Penn State University, Justyna and Justin have the skills needed to plan and execute a podcast series such as this.

Project Approach:

To provide a high-level overview of the project, we look to create the following:

Season 1 Podcast Recordings To increase the awareness of Zcash, we will start off the first season with an introduction to the basics to educate the masses. The benefit to the ecosystem is that we will provide foundational education using Zcash as the use case during the interviews, as well as during each summary episode of Z Aftershow.
Season 2 Podcast Planning Through the connections made across the Zcash ecosystem through interviews and existing connections, we will begin mapping out season 2 during Tranche 1.

In Season 1, we are initially proposing the following episodes for a total of 26 episodes (Each Z Aftershow episode is counted as an episode for a total of 26). The video portion of the podcast will be posted on YouTube (would like to get the community’s input on whether we upload to the Electric Coin Company page for the 2.6k existing followers, or if we create a new podcast page, thoughts?), as well as initially on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and Overcast.

Episode 1- What is Blockchain

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 2 - A History of Zcash

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 3- An Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 4 - What are Zero-Knowledge Proofs

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 5 - What are ZK-Snarks?

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 6 - How is Z-cash mined?

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 7 - Web3 Privacy

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 8 - Web3 Wallets and ZEC Wallets

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 9 - Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 10 - DeFi within the Zcash Ecosystem

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 11 - Transaction Linkability

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 12 - Future Work within the Zcash ecosystem

  • Z Aftershow

Episode 12 - The Zcash Foundation

  • Z Aftershow

Project Process:

The following Production Schedule highlights all activities and milestones within the project:

Week Topic
1 Interviews
2 Interviews/Editing Week 1 Interviews
3 Interviews/Editing Week 2 Interviews
4 Interviews/Editing Week 3 Interviews
5 Interviews/Editing Week 4 Interviews
6 Promotion
7 Promotion
8 Promotion
9 Week 1 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 2 Promotion
10 Week 2 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 3 Promotion
11 Week 3 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 4 Promotion
12 Week 4 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 5 Promotion
13 Week 5 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 6 Promotion
14 Week 6 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 7 Promotion
15 Week 7 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 8 Promotion
16 Week 8 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 9 Promotion
17 Week 9 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 10 Promotion
18 Week 10 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 11 Promotion
19 Week 11 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse/ Week 12 Promotion
20 Week 12 Episode/Z Aftershow Livestream recording in the metaverse
21 Begin Season 2 planning
22 Continue Season 2 planning
23 Begin same cadence as outlined in Week 1 moving forward

Project Team:

Justin Goldston

SydTek DAO Co-Founder

Justin Goldston the co-founder of SydTek DAO and is a Professor at Penn State University. In addition to being a Graduate Advisory Board Member at Georgetown University and The University of Southern California, Justin is a recipient of the Educational Leadership Award at the Education 2.0 Conference in Dubai in 2022. Goldston is also a five-time TEDx speaker on blockchain and is the co-author of the first academic case studies on the metaverse and on hybrid finance (HyFi).

Justyna Osowska

WIBC Founder

Justyna Osowska is the founder of Women in Blockchain Canada and is on a journey to build community and promote women in technology with a focus on blockchain through education. Justyna has a solid track record on hosting in person and virtual events and workshops. She is a guest lecturer at both the graduate and undergraduate levels in Blockchain, Security and Sustainability. She is currently working on an academic paper on Women in Web3.

Response to Section 10:

SydTek DAO is a Minority Business Enterprise while WIBC is a Women Business Enterprise.

Please see the link below for additional resources, interviews, and social media metrics from June of 2022.


The second link says private, but it should be available for everyone.

I love the idea of a Zcash podcast series.

For the sake of being concise and not funding 101 podcast content that likely exists in hundreds of other corners of the internet; I’d suggest making an assumption that listeners are approaching these podcasts with a strong 101 crypto knowledge base.

A thinned down series of Season 1 Episodes could look like:

  • A History of Zcash
  • What are Zero-Knowledge Proofs and ZkSnarks
  • How is Z-cash mined / block construction via Zkps?
  • Web3 Privacy +for financial data and communications
  • Web3 Wallets and ZEC Wallets +the shielded encrypted memo field
  • DeFi within the Zcash Ecosystem / Zcash within the DeFi ecosytem
  • Transaction Linkability? (what is the aim for this episode? should this be “traceability”)
  • Future Work within the Zcash ecosystem +Proof of Stake, Recursive Zksnarks, emissions schedule update
  • How and Why Does Zcash have Self-Funding
  • The Zcash Foundation, Electric Coin Company, and Zcash Community Grants

Secondly, and as a means to allow for the community to evaluate this work (y/n affirm season 2 funding) after the first season. I’d suggest an update of this proposal as two separate pieces (Season 1/ Season 2)


@noamchom, thanks for your input on this. What are the thoughts of the other community members regarding these inclusions?

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Hi All. Any additional feedback regarding this proposal?

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