Comparison of different ZKP systems including Halo2

The Pantheon of Zero Knowledge Proof Development Frameworks

…In this blog post, we take the first step towards building the Pantheon of ZKP by providing a reproducible set of benchmark results using SHA-256 across a range of low-level circuit development frameworks. While we acknowledge that other benchmarking granularities and primitives are possible, we selected SHA-256 due to its applicability to a wide range of ZKP use cases, including blockchain systems, digital signatures, zkDID and more. It’s also worth mentioning that we also leverage SHA-256 in our own system, so it is quite convenient for us as well! :joy:

Our benchmark evaluates the performance of SHA-256 on various zk-SNARK and zk-STARK circuit development frameworks. Through this comparison, we seek to provide developers with insights into the efficiency and practicality of each framework. Our goal is that these findings will enable developers to make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable framework for their projects…