Compiling nheqminer on Visual Basic

I'm trying to compile nheqminer on windows myself but i can't manage to make it work. Basically after compiling (flypool fork) nheqminer 0.2 (other, newer versions just gives so many errors that i'm not even going to bother plus i dont need gpu miner only cpu) the miner works just fine on Windows 10 and only crashes (Shows nheqminer has stopped working and there is a button for Close program) when i press Close (X) button. This is fine, at least it works BUT unfortunately it doesn't work on other windows versions like 8.1 it just puts me straight into Close program window and when I enter the Debug mode it shows this error:

I tried to compile all versions available on github, nicehash ones (only 0.3a compiled and has the same problem - works on win10, but doesn't on win8.1) , flypool ones, supernova ones... There is like one thing they didn't wrote on the compile guide who makes this error happen and because I absolutely have no expierence what so ever with VC makes everything even harder.

Another interesting thing is that output .exe of nheqminer is 540KB when flypools 0.2 compiled one around ~630KB+. I'm using litterally the same source (or at least they telling its theirs) from github.

Same thing with nicehash 0.3a one that i got from their github page:

Does anyone have succesully compiled any version of nheqminer for windows using VC that would work on every windows 7,8.1, 10? Please tell me C++ Mastershow to achieve this :smiley:
What kind of problem there could be??

EDIT: This is the window after compiling the nicehash nheqminer 0.3a which i got from the link above

It shows no errors, etc but when tried to open from Release directory it shows me Close program screen. Also I tried to paste nheqminer.exe to already compiled nheqminer 0.3 from the same github page and its the same. Doesn't work on windows 8.1 but works on windows 10...

Anyone? Please? :slight_smile: Or at least maybe someone could compile my given main.cpp file?

Are you doing this for fun ? I dont get it

I need to hardcode my address.(random number), num_threads, server into a miner client mate.

botnet :wink:



Yes, workplace botnet :D. Seriously though, there is like 100pcs left to work 24/7, neither my boss is giving a shit nor collages will care about a miners running in the night time.

I need an easy management, so hardcoded client would be nice. Fuck i hate VC why this stuff cant just work like it does on linux.

therea a much easier way... you want to run it in backround as process ?

Yes on num_threads 1 so that pcs wouldn't be too much overloaded.

I just made a one click exe for that just now.

Doesnt open just goes straight to the process tab

Runs silent in process... call it whatever you want.. mine runs as "winsupport"

Oh and i didnt touch visual basic :slight_smile: